what i learned about bullying


what I learned about bullying

On april 10 the grade 7/8 class went to see the bullying movie. In my perspective I thought the movie was very good and made me really think about what bullying is. I learned that even though these same kids get bullyed every day teachers or princaples in the movie dont see it. No matter who you go to, they wont underestand what your going threw unless they have been in the same situation. I learned this because when alexs mom and dad went to speak to the princaple about the bullying thats been going around on the bus to alex and all the principle said was ” ive been on that bus those kids are as good as gold” and she said she woulf fix it but the bullying proceeded.

I cant really say my opinion on bullying changed but ,my perspective on friendship has. In class one day we disscussed a healthy friendship and a unhealthy friendship. Certain kids that are bullied think that they are there friends. But no,that is an unhealthy friendship. Im glad that we talked about different kinds of friendships because now I can look out for myself and I can make sure me and my friends have  healthy friendships .



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Blog challenge #4


  challenge #4

Nastia liukin

Nastia liukin is a olympic all around gold medalist for gymnastics.  She won the all around  gold medal in 2008  Bejing olympics.  Her father was the first man to do a tripple back flip and also one the all around silver medal in the 1988 olympic games. Nastia trains 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week.She inspires me because she was in the olympics and alot of people think I look somewhat  like her. I wooud also really like to meet her one day.



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Blog challenge#2



Why Is Exercise Important?

People always ask why is exercise important and how long are you supposed to do it for? Exercising is important in so many ways, a lot of people don’t understand what it can do for you and your body. Keep reading and you will learn things about exercise that you never knew before.

The first reason why exercising is important is it helps you stay healthy and live a healthy life style. Exercising can actually help prevent diseases, like heart diseases, arthritis, cancer and diabetes. Believe it or not exercise can reduce the chance of dying prematurely and can reduce feelings of anxiety or depression. Doing it daily will deliver nutrients to your body and help decrease high blood pressure. Having all these things under control will help you live a healthier life style.

One of the main reasons people exercise is to lose weight and stay fit. If you exercise on a daily basis you will develop a healthy body and look great. Losing weight will help you feel better about yourself, it will also help you feel good and give you energy threw out your day. Exercising is a great way to look good and feel good doing it.

Are you one of those people that are always stressed, tense and have sore muscles. Well guess what exercise can fix that. Stretching does count as exercising so if you stretch then that will release sore muscles, making you become more relaxed. Exercising makes you tired, that means you get more sleep. Getting lots of sleep will help you feel great.

A lot of people might argue that doing too much isn’t healthy, and that’s true so limit to how much you exercise so you do at least 60 min a day. Another concern might be asthma. Exercising is actually good for your asthma as long as you can keep it under control.

There for exercising does nothing but good for you and your body. If you exercise on a daily basis and eat healthy food then you are almost guaranteed to live a healthy life style.

By Olivia Burnie

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10 things you could do with one sock!!!


1 You can use this one sock to make a sock bun. A sock bun is something you put in your hair to make a perfect bun.

2 Sock pupet.

3 A dust rag.

4 Use as a ice pack.

5 Toys for your pets.

6 Use it to store golf balls.

7 Use it for a christmas stocking.

8 Put over a drink to keep it cold.

9 Change purse.

10 Wash your car.

Blogging Challenge #3

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Blogging challenge #1


Challenge 1

1 Nastia luikin– what did it feel like to win the olympic allaround gold medal?

2 Aliens- are you real?

3 Michel jackson- what inspired you to write thriller?

4 Steve jobs- how did you come up with the name apple?

5 Lance armstrong- why did you start cycling?

6 Taylor lautner- if you you could meet anyone who would it be?

7 Sarah shepard- why did you start to write the pretty little liars books?

8  Abby lee miller- is your show real or are you just acting and also is that really how you talk to your students?

9 Albert einstein- how did you die?

10 Shawn johnson- did anyone help you achieve your goal?

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suprise visiter!


today in class we had a surprise visiter.her name was Mary Spencer,she is a canaidian boxer. she talked to us about how she made sacerfised her life to persue her life long dream but now she doesn’t think of them as sacrifices anymore. They were steps to get to her gaol. she also talked about all of her fights and how many maches she lost and one.i think that this presentation was very insperaational and she also gave some really good tips on how to control your nerves befor a competition or mach or evean befor you have to speak in front of the class.i wonder how boxing has changed her life and what it takes to be a boxing champion.i think its really cool thats she is going around to different schools and sharing her life long journey in this sport.

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Olivia’s Ecosystem


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sports, sports are awsome!!! i dont know what i would do without them. sports are things that people do for fun and evean for a living.ther is a whole bunch of different sports some of my favourite sports are gymnastics,vollyball,basketball ect….. sports are also a great way to stay healthy and fit. speaking of sports there is a girls int basketball tryout from 3:15-4:15 be there!!!



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